Wood Species


Wood Species

Sunoka Millwork offers superior quality wood, veneer and laminate in a variety of wood species to fit any interior project budget. Numerous wood species are available to highlight the image of your restaurant or office.  The species listed below are the most common. We can also provide a selection of samples for other species.  


During the millwork process we match the wood allowing a seamless blend of color throughout the interior. There are also numerous staining methods to enhance the wood grains.  Here are the most commonly used wood, veneer and laminate wood species:


Red Oak


Red oak is a warm, open grain wood species that is pink-to-red in color and is the predominate choice in the cabinet door industry. The sapwood varies from a whitish to grayish brown to a pale reddish brown, and the heartwood varies from a pinkish brown to a light reddish brown. Red oak is an easily stained wood with varying degrees of stain penetration depending on the grain structure, resulting in various degrees of darkness.

Eastern Hard Maple


Eastern hard maple is a magnificent, closed grain wood species that is creamy white with a slight reddish brown tinge. The uneven grain and mineral stains of this species enhance the beauty of this wood and should only be chosen by those who have an appreciation for these occurrences in natural products. This species is difficult to stain due to changing grain patterns in the closed grain wood and any stain applied could appear blotchy and darker on the end grain.


Cherry is a rich, closed grain wood species that is reddish in color, with the sapwood varying from a whitish to light brown with a red cast, and the heartwood varying from light to dark reddish brown. Sapwood is the major part of the log and is allowed on the finished product. Dark finishes are recommended due to color variance of this wood and ultraviolet light will cause the wood to darken depending on the degree of exposure.


Knotty Pine

This moderately soft, closed grain wood species has a beautiful, yellowish creamy cast, accentuated with knots to provide a rusty color. This species is susceptible to ultraviolet light and will darken to a yellowish brown on all exposed areas.

Douglas Fir

The Douglas Fir species has a light rosy color, set off by its remarkably straight and handsome grain pattern. This light rosy color "reddens” over time to a pleasing, deeper shade. Many designers and consumers agree the aesthetic appeal of clear, light, straight vertical grain Douglas Fir is unsurpassed among the world’s softwood species.

Keep in mind it is the nature of real hardwood to have a variety of colors and grain textures. Wood mellows with age, exposure to sunlight and the elements. A slight color difference may occur after a year’s time, thus affecting the actual color (natural or stained) of your color sample.Sunoka Millwork can answer any questions you may have on these and other wood species.

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